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A Maid Was More of a Calling Than a Princess Color
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2024
Author Egebet Kim Ppopi
Artist Duleu
Serialization KakaoPage (Kakao)Kakao Webtoon (Daum)
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A Maid Was More of a Calling Than a Princess

Being a Maid is Better than Being a Princess, Being a Maid Was More Important Than Being a Princess, Mi Vocación Era Ser Doncella, No Princesa, Ser sirvienta es mejor que una princesa torturada, Trở Thành Hầu Nữ Còn Quan Trọng Hơn Là Làm Công Chúa, 比起公主,侍女才是我的天职, 공주보다 시녀가 천직이었습니다

Synopsis A Maid Was More of a Calling Than a Princess

Siana was a princess of a small kingdom. Until the imperial army attacked…Just before her neck was about to be cut by the cruel prince,Siana screamed,“Please spare me!”Towards the prince with blood staining his beautiful face,Siana pleaded with a desperate voice.“I have many skills learned in the palace.Wouldn’t I be useful as a maid?”And so, Siana became a probationary maid of the palace.But surprisingly, the job suited her temperament?!When she swept the floors, the corridors became clean,When she kneaded dough, sweet cookies were baked,When she did laundry, the bedding became white and fragrant!She only did her best as a maid,But gradually, the royals began to warm up to Siana.“The tea you brewed is always the best.”“The dress you made? Truly beautiful.”“I want you to educate the prince.”But she never thought of capturing this man’s heart…“I feel the same.”“……”“I can’t live without you, Siana.”In the tender voice of the prince, Siana tightly closed her eyes.Look, Your Highness.I just want to live as an ordinary maid!Original Webtoon: