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The Villainess Is Me Color
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2022
Author 白纸困
Artist 白纸困
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The Villainess Is Me

Apparently, I'm the Villainess?, Jùshuō Wǒ Shì Fǎnpài Dà Xiǎojiě, The Villain is Me, The Villainess Is Me, They Said I Am the Villain's Eldest Daughter, They Say I'm the Villainess Young Miss, They Say I'm the Villainous Young Miss, 原作者なのに悪役令嬢に転生しました, 据说我是反派大小姐, 据说我是反派腹黑女

Synopsis The Villainess Is Me

I worked as a manhua artist, then died from pulling an all-nighter. I woke up as the villainess “Emi Morwen” from my webcomic! Emi was an alluring yet cruel character who departed from the story by ending her own life. However, I’m not the real Emi!Original Webcomic:KuaikanManhuaOfficial Translations:Japanese